Available courses

Life Skills level 1

Life Skills level 1

The Life Skills subject is aimed at guiding and preparing learners for life and its possibilities, including equipping learners for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society.

• physical, social, personal, emotional and cognitive development; 

• creative and aesthetic skills and knowledge through engaging in dance, music, drama and visual art activities; 

• knowledge of personal health and safety; 

• understanding of the relationship between people and the environment; 

• awareness of social relationships, technological processes and elementary science.

English Level 1

English Level 1

Most reading experts agree that there are five main components to the teaching of reading: 

• Phonemic awareness 

• Word recognition (sight words and phonics) 

• Comprehension 

• Vocabulary 


Mathematics Level 1

Mathematics Level 1

The teaching and learning of Mathematics aims to develop the following in the learner: 

• critical awareness of how mathematical relationships are used in social, environmental, cultural and economic relations; 

• confidence and competence to deal with any mathematical situation without being hindered by a fear of Mathematics; 

• a spirit of curiosity and a love of Mathematics; 

• appreciation for the beauty and elegance of Mathematics; 

• recognition that Mathematics is a creative part of human activity; 

• deep conceptual understanding in order to make sense of Mathematics; and 

• acquisition of specific knowledge and skills necessary for: 

- the application of Mathematics to physical, social and mathematical problems,; 

- the study of related subject matter (e.g. other subjects); and 

- further study in Mathematics.